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April 1 Iyad Burnat: Non-Violent Resistance in Palestine

5th anniversary of protests in BilinFirst Parish (UU) in Cambridge, 1446 Massachusetts Avenue @7 pm

Iyad  Burnat, born in 1973 in Bil`in, Palestine, heads the Bil’in Popular Committee.  Since 2005, citizens of Bil’in, joined by Israeli and international peace  activists, have held weekly non-violent demonstrations against the Israeli separation wall and the encroachment of illegal settlements. The protesters  have maintained a commitment to non-violent resistance in the face of armed  military opposition. The  demonstrations are the subject of the 2012 Oscar-nominated documentary film 5  Broken Cameras, which was made by Iyad’s brother, Emad Burnat.  Burnat discusses strategies for non-violent popular resistance with social justice activist Trina Jackson.  How has he brought potential adversaries to share his goal of  peace and prosperity for all people?

Co-sponsored by Don and Jeannette McInnes and by Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East – Massachusetts Chapter; the Middle East Education Group of First Parish (UU) in Cambridge; Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia; Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights; Jewish Voice for Peace – Boston; Jewish Women for Justice in Israel- Palestine; Palestinian House of New England; and United for Justice With Peace.


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