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October 1 Carbon Tax to Combat Climate Change

First Parish in Cambridge, 1446 Massachusetts Avenue @ 7p

carbon taxThe notion of a carbon tax as the most efficient way to combat greenhouse gas emissions was first proposed by MIT professor David G. Wilson in 1973 and was greeted with silence. James Hansen proposed the idea again 30 years later and was greeted with skepticism.  Now Massachusetts has taken up the idea.  A panel including Massachusetts State Senator Mike Barrett , co-sponsor of a bill proposing the nation’s first carbon tax, physicist and activist Dr. Gary Rucinski, and Anne Kelly, director of public policy at CERES, discusses using a carbon tax to combat global warming and create a sustainable economic future.  How would a carbon tax work?  What impact would it have on jobs and the economy?  What hurdles would it have to clear to be adopted?

Program organized in collaboration with the Massachusetts Climate Action Network.

Co-sponsored by Massachusetts Climate Action Network and Climate XChange.



  •  Our recent forum on WORLD ON THE EDGE: Preventing Environmental and Economic Collapse featuring Lester Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute is now available on audio CD. #

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