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Cambridge Forum’s 50th Anniversary

A special fundraising campaign! Humor For Humanity featuring Jimmy Tingle Recorded 10/20/17  Help us celebrate and continue our important work for another 50 years. Here’s how to contribute!


What is killing our honey bees? Can we save them? Cambridge Forum examines the plight of  honey bees with the help of Noah Wilson-Rich from Best Bees and apiarist David Hackenberg  of Buffy Bees from Lewisburg, PA. If you care about the future of food and want to learn more about how to ensure the survival of […]

The Cuban Connection

Richard Blanco is the first immigrant, the first Latino, the first openly gay person and the youngest person to be the U.S. inaugural poet. He was selected as the 2013 inaugural poet by President Barack Obama.  His poems explore themes of Latino identity and place. In his latest memoir, The Prince of Los Cocuyos, Blanco reflects on his  childhood […]

Watch Cambridge Forum

Here are a few video highlights from the past year now available thanks to our partners: the WGBH Forum Network and the Lowell Institute. 10.7.2015 (1:07:50) Dispatches From The Front Lines of Climate Justice 11.12.2014 (1:17:51) Putin’s War – Against the West 10.16.2014 (1:12:35) This Changes Everything – Capitalism vs Climate  4.30.2014 (1:24:36) Learning To […]

Rise Again! A Sing-Along Concert

Peter Blood and Annie Patterson’s  popular songbook Rise Up Singing is renowned for getting people to sing: to empower, to build community, and to have fun. To celebrate the release of their  new songbook, Rise Again, Cambridge Forum hosted a sing-along concert featuring Peter and Annie; Charlie King; the Nields; Kallet Epstein & Cicone; and […]

Pete Seeger Sing Out Tribute

Recorded in January, 2015 We cannot replicate his voice, but we can keep his music and his spirit alive. Cambridge Forum  celebrates Pete Seeger and the power of music with this tribute Sing Out concert. Join host Scott Alarik and an all-star group of artists, including Sol y Canto founders Rosi and Brian Amador, Catie […]

The Banjo Project

Television writer-producer Marc Fields and banjo virtuoso Tony Trischka explore America’s quintessential instrument, assisted by Darol Anger on fiddle.  Based on Field’s PBS documentary Give Me the Banjo, “The Banjo Project” illustrates the banjo’s history and performance styles from African roots to contemporary jazz with a lively narrative and masterful performances. its history and performance […]

Charles Sumner at 200: The Tradition of Civil Rights in America

Charles Sumner at 200: The Tradition of Civil Rights in America The city of Cambridge rededicates Charles Sumner’s statue in Harvard Yard to mark the  200th anniversary of his birth in 1811.  Immediately following, Beverly Morgan-Welch of the Museum of African American History and Daniel Coquillette of Harvard Law School discuss Sumner’s significance in America’s […]

Creativity And Stress

Actors from the Underground Railway Theater read  a selection from  But the Giraffe! , the curtain-raiser Tony Kushner wrote for the Broadway revival of Brundibar.  A panel discussion follows about the relationship between stress and creativity. Does creativity help people cope with stress? How does stress stimulate or impede creativity?   Panelists include Debra Wise, Artistic Director of Underground Railway Theater; […]

Ralph Nader: Can the Super Rich Save Us?

Political activist and consumer advocate Ralph Nader discusses his latest book Only the Super Rich Can Save Us! Described as a work of imagination, but not of fiction,  Nader’s newest book challenges our vision of the American dream. How does Nader’s provocative message resonate with American voters as an economic recession drags on? Recorded Thursday, […]


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