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Inside ISIS

POSTPONED. How did the Islamic State come to control half of Syria and at least a third of Iraq?  What motivates those who carry out the brutal executions that we see posted on the Internet?  What is prompting American and European nationals to join them? In Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate, renowned Arab scholar Abdel […]

Listener Response

Iyad Burnat said “The zionists control the media” and “Israeli soldiers want children to throw stones so that they get an excuse to shoot them” during his Cambridge Forum talk “Non-violent Resistance in Palestine”. These are racist rants. Burnat knows that, in Israel, every jew is forced to do military service. So he is saying […]

Iyad Burnat: Non-Violent Resistance in Palestine

Recorded April 1, 2015 Iyad  Burnat, born in 1973 in Bil`in, Palestine, heads the Bil’in Popular Committee.  Since 2005, citizens of Bil’in, joined by Israeli and international peace  activists, have held weekly non-violent demonstrations against the Israeli separation wall and the encroachment of illegal settlements. The protesters  have maintained a commitment to non-violent resistance in […]

Framing Military Occupation: Close-Ups of Daily Life in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

The media give us views of the Middle East influenced by politics, international law, and distance.  But what does life in the Middle East feel like on the ground?  Physician Alice Rothchild of American Jews for a Just Peace – Boston leads a panel discussion on living under military occupation in the occupied Palestinian Territories.  […]


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