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Infiltrating the Terrorist Network



Social network concept. Hi-res digitally generated image.After the Paris terrorist attacks, many feel that the world has entered a new and terrible “reign of terror”. We start our new Deep Globalization series by considering the challenge of balancing security concerns with protecting our privacy. Can we track down terrorists who use encryption to communicate & coordinate attacks, while simultaneously safeguarding our own personal data?

Recorded  1/27/2016   WGBH Forum Network video

Greg Nojeim directs the Freedom, Security, and Technology Project at the Center for Democracy & Technology.  The project is dedicated to keeping the Internet free and open and protecting privacy in the digital age against surveillance and government intrusion.
Daniel ‘DJ’ Rosenthal
recently left the White House where he served as Director for Counterterrorism on the National Security Council. While at the NSC, he advised President Obama and senior Administration officials on a wide range of matters including emerging cyber threats and the expanded use of new encryption technologies. Rosenthal also teaches “National Security Dilemmas” at the University of Maryland.



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