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The Banjo Project

Television writer-producer Marc Fields and banjo virtuoso Tony Trischka explore America’s quintessential instrument, assisted by Darol Anger on fiddle.  Based on Field’s PBS documentary Give Me the Banjo, “The Banjo Project” illustrates the banjo’s history and performance styles from African roots to contemporary jazz with a lively narrative and masterful performances. its history and performance […]

The World Until Yesterday

Best-selling author Jared Diamond argues in his latest book, The World Until Yesterday, that there are profound differences between so-called “traditional” societies and industrial or post-industrial societies in everything from the way we count to the way we meet strangers. Today’s traditional societies represent a window onto the human world as it was until a […]

Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China

Harvard  China scholar Ezra Vogel discusses his highly acclaimed biography of transformational Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping.  How did Deng succeed  in finding a path to make China a wealthy and powerful member of the international community?  What personal and cultural factors contributed to his success?  What obstacles did he face?  How did Vogel go about […]

Obama and Iran: A Single Roll of the Dice

Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, assesses the high-stakes diplomatic sparring between Washington and Tehran. Have the diplomatic efforts of the Obama administration toward Iran failed? Was the Bush administration’s emphasis on military intervention, refusal to negotiate, and pursuit of regime change a better approach? How can the United States best address […]

Wealth Inequality: The Gilded Road to Ruin?

Chuck Collins, director of the Institute for Policy Studies Program onInequality and the Common Good, and journalist Linda McQuaig explore the impact of the growing wealth gap, and suggest ways to reverse the increase in economic inequality.  What role does the call for austerity play in reinforcing or overcoming economic inequality?  Where do they see […]

The Ecological Imagination

In this Cambridge Forum Classic, best-selling writer David Abram, author of The Spell of the Sensuous, tells a story that reveals the  subtle dependence of human cognition on the natural environment. What lessons can we learn from our relationship with the natural world?

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Imagination And Failure

This Summer, Cambridge Forum will re-broadcast IMAGINATION AND FAILURE (Recorded in 2008) Author J.K. Rowling discusses her own life story, as a lesson for young people looking for future success. She argues that the world in which they live suffers from a failure of imagination, and she urges them to cultivate genuine imagination to solve […]

Deadly Spin

Wendell Potter, currently the senior fellow on health care at the Center for Media and Democracy, discusses his new book, Deadly Spin. As an executive for a major health insurance company, Potter was on the inside team that created the public relations strategy to challenge threats from government regulation. He eventually left his 30 year […]

Renewing Democracy: Change Congress

(recorded in October, 2010) Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig argues that American democracy is broken and that only a concerted effort to change the way Congress operates can restore our system of government. What changes are necessary? And how will they come about?


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