Challenges of Globalization: Economic Globalization

A mini-conference on economic globalization explores the impact of globalization of labor, capital, and markets on American workers, investors, and consumers.  Robert Kuttner of Demos moderates.

2 pm  Globalization of Labor:  Is the Race to the Bottom Inevitable?  Robert Pollin, University of Massachusetts

3 pm  Globalization of Capital:  The Rise of the Multinationals Robert Scott, Economic Policy Institute

4 pm  Globalization of Markets:  Do American Corporations Need American Consumers? Harold Meyerson, The American Prospect

7 pm  Keynote: The Globalization Paradox  Dani Rodrik, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Monday, April 16 @ 2pm   Keynote @ 7pm

This program is funded in part by Mass Humanities.  Co-sponsored by Mullane, Michel & McInnes, Counselors at Law


2 Responses to “Challenges of Globalization: Economic Globalization”

  1. there is no info here about where the 2:00 and 7:00 events will be held?????? mlc

    Posted by MARY LYNN CRAMER | April 7, 2012, 3:45 pm

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